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Uploading! A pictorial how-to for assignees, pinch-hitters and treaters.
by i'm a modern girl (aphrodite_mine)
at March 16th, 2013 (09:34 pm)
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Don't take the appearance of this post as some kind of omen that you are behind schedule -- you aren't! But some people are SUPER FAST WRITERS and so we have a guide, a little earlier than I planned, but hopefully in time for anyone who needs it to make use. Please note that there will be some variations on your screen depending on assignments, any changes you make to AO3, and the fact that you are not a rarewomen mod ;). That said, feel free to send questions about anything that isn't clear or that just looks shady on your end. I'll do my best to clear it up!

1. Log in.

post fic 1
Here's the familiar AO3 Log-in screen. From here you have a few options. The first tutorial will take you through the Post New button that is under your avatar. For me, that's under Rashida Jones' uncertain face.

2. Press Post New & follow the prompts as you would for posting any new story, such as rating, fandom, characters, etc.

post fic 2

Looks familiar. You might consider adding some additional tags like Bechdel Test Pass (if it applies to your story) or tags for any trigger warnings. You can also tag for tropes, particular AUs, Women Being Awesome (which is one of my favorite tags!) and other general categories. The folks at AO3 discourage rambly tags that you might find on tumblr.

3. If you are an Officially Assigned Author or Pinch-hitter, you will have an Open Assignments section like below. Where I've blacked out my assignments you'll see your assigned authors.

post fic 3

If you are NOT an Officially Assigned Author or Pinch-hitter, you can Post to Collections Rare Women Fanfic Exchange (2013) and Gift the work to... whomever the prompt that inspired you applies to!

4. Finish up posting the actual text, make sure everything looks good and send it through. Everything will be anon until the archive goes LIVE, so don't cross-post until then!

5. But what if you don't LIKE that Post New button??? Okay, okay. Go back to your log in screen. See the top menu bar? Click on My Home. From there, you'll get a side bar menu that includes Assignments.

post fic 4

6. Click on Assignments, and Assignments Rare Women (2013). Yours will, of course, not have blacked out authors for your recips. Here, you have the option to either Fulfill or Default on each assignment. Make sure you click the correct button! Fulfill will take you to the Post New page, and from there you can follow the directions from step #2. Default will take you... out of writing the story. *teardrop*

post fic 6