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Beta? Beta!

Instead of having a general sign-up sheet for betas, this year we're going to try something a little different! Similar to the system of yuletide chat "hippos" if you're familiar with it, we're going to send out each beta request without the author's name attached -- in as general terms as possible -- to an email list of potentially interested beta readers.

To sign up to get beta notices: leave your email in a screened reply below. (Even if you have already signed up for the pinch-hit list, I still need your email typed out here. Makes for less crazy cross-referencing and mistakes.)

To send a beta request to the list: send an email to aphrodite.mine@gmail.com that includes the following information
Your Author Name:
Your Recipient's Name: (so we don't send them story to beta x__x)
Status: is the story ready to go minus a read-over? Are you in-progress and needing a spot-check?
Length: An estimation is okay, but 1000 words is a lot faster to beta than, say, a 10,000-word epic
Special Notes: Please note if your story has pairings, the rating of your story, and any specific warnings that beta readers might want to be mindful of.
Special Requests: Here's where you note if you need a general read-over, a fandom-specific beta, a Brit-pick/Ameri-pick/etc, or any other special need you have.

To be matched on a beta request: After the general beta email goes out to the beta list, anyone interested can reply. Please note any special qualifications you have to deal with the author's special request(s). I'll send then send your information (either the email you reply with, or a different email that you specify and your AO3 name) onward to the author. It is up to them to follow up with you, exchange the story, and arrange a turn-around time that works for both parties.
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