January 15th, 2014

Contact A Mod 2014

This is the question and answer post for rarewomen 2014. General questions can go right in the comments and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

For specific or private questions, feel free to use our separate contact info. If your question pertains to the nominations process or AO3, please contact prozacpark via LJ PM. If your question concerns pinch hits, beta offers or requests, or defaulting, contact aphrodite_mine via email (aphrodite.mine@gmail.com).


Hello and welcome to rarewomen 2014!

If you are new to the exchange, we are a 1k (1,000) word fic exchange centered around the women characters forgotten in large fandoms and all women characters in small fandoms. If you are returning this year, welcome back!

This year we are again running the exchange through AO3 (archiveofourown.org). That means everything from nominations to sign ups to posting and commenting will be hosted on the archive -- though you are of course welcome to promote, cross-post (after a delay), and discuss on LJ, DW, twitter, tumblr -- wherever you make your digital home. If you would like to participate in rarewomen this year and don't already have an AO3 account, drop a comment at this post and a mod will send an invite code your way.

Speaking of mods, prozacpark and I, aphrodite_mine may just be familiar faces by now! If, after reading this entire post you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact either one of us at this post, you would prefer to contact one of us privately, please use the information in this post and direct questions as described there.

With those preliminary notes out of the way, what's next?

Now: Discussion of possible nominations at this post
January 31st--February 8th: Nominations take place through AO3; promotion of the fest takes place EVERYWHERE
February 9th--15th: Nominations clean up
February 16th--March 2nd: Sign ups through AO3
Early March: Assignments go out
April 25: Last date to drop without penalty; drops after this date subject to potential banning in 2015
May 4: Stories due to AO3
May 10 (or early May, depending on any pinch hit issues): Stories and authors revealed; authors may share their (and others') work via link
May 17 (or a week after the archive opens): Stories may be cross-posted on other mediums

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