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i'm a modern girl

Checking in...

Hi everybody! A few pinch hits are coming out shortly, so start watching your inboxes.

Thought I'd take this time to offer a few reminders as we start nearing the deadlines!

1) Treats!

As prozacpark posted, here is a list of every request for this year. There's also a wonderful spreadsheet of letters if you want to shop around. Treats can be any length, so if you find yourself with inspiration or time to spare, get writing!

2) Reviewing the revised deadlines

Just to reiterate:
April 25: Last date to drop without penalty; drops after this date subject to potential banning in 2015
May 4: Stories due to AO3
May 10 (or early May, depending on any pinch hit issues): Stories and authors revealed; authors may share their (and others') work via link
May 17 (or a week after the archive opens): Stories may be cross-posted to other places.

All right! See you in the pinches!
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