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People without stories.

As of now, there are still some people who have written stories who have no stories for them in the archive.   I'm posting details for their prompts.  If you have any of these people, turn in your stories ASAP.  If you can write anything for these people, it would bring us that much closer to the archive opening.

Request 1 by betony

12th Century CE RPF

Any Character


Anything about any of these women would be amazing:D. There's Liang
Hongyu, basically a real life version of Disney's Mulan (brilliant
strategist and general in the Chinese army, winner of battles through
unconventional methods, national heroine in her own right, married to
a fellow general who she fought alongside). Or Tamar of Georgia, Queen
regnant during Georgia's Golden Age, strengthening it politically and
Rusudan, her aunt, married to two sultans before returning back to
Georgia; she was apparently a keen scholar, as she was the patron and
tutor of Tamar's second husband David Soslan, and one of Tamar's most
important advisors.
Nest ferch Rhys, the Welsh Helen of Troy, abducted against her will
but nonetheless iron-willed enough to first smuggle her husband out to
safety and then to negotiate her children's return to their father,
before ultimately being rescued. Not to mention her sister-in-law,
Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd, who organized Robin Hood-like raids against
English colonizers of Wales and eventually led her troops into battle.
More babble and possible ideas can be found in my letter.

Letter URL http://betony.dreamwidth.org/4493.html

Request 2 by betony

Gyeongseong Scandal | Capital Scandal

Any Character


I love all these characters! (And more, so um, if you feel inspired to
write about Sachiko, or Yeo Kyung's mom, or a sympathetic look at
Wan's stepmother, I will absolutely not mind at all!) Yeo Kyung, with
her earnest belief in Patriotism! and Morals! is a particular
favorite, as earnest adorable idealists is a character trope I've
always loved, but also I love her mentoring of Yeong Rang, and how
she, in turn, is mentored by Song Joo.
Cha Song Joo is obviously awesome, seeing as how she's (appropriately)
everyone's favorite, so if you want to write more backstory about her,
particularly as it relates to her relationship with both Yeo Kyung and
her fellow gisaengs, go ahead, by all means.
And Yeong Rang, for that matter--what happens to her after the events
of the series? How much does she ever find out about what happened?
Also, I'd be interested in something about Miyuki, and her perspective
on things, was something I found really interesting--her introduction,
as a Japanese character who nonetheless is more sympathetic and
reasonable than we'd seen so far--and how she approaches the events of
the drama would be very neat.
More babble and possible ideas can be found in my letter.

Letter URL http://betony.dreamwidth.org/4493.html

Request 3 by betony

Much Ado About Nothing - Shakespeare

Any Character


Oh, I know everyone focuses on the Beatrice/Benedick (and they are my
Shakespeare OTP as well, so if you want to include them, YES PLEASE)
but I'd love something about these four women. They're close, and one
can assume they've all lived together for years if not all their
lives, but they're so different. What are their relationships and
their loyalties like? They're all clearly upset when Hero is slandered
at the wedding, but at the same time, it's not all sweetness and
light; I've read at least one critical study that hints that the
others' criticisms of Beatrice during the gulling scene are due to
resentment of her cleverness and popularity (which I'm not sure I
entirely buy, but it adds an interesting dimension to their
relationship). Ursula just hangs out in the background and doesn't
have much character development, so expanding on that would also be
something that I'd really like to see! Margaret has no qualms dressing
up as Hero or flirting with Benedick later, but none of the others
seem to mind, which says interesting things about her friendship with
the others and what role social class plays in it as well. So to sum
up; any backstory of their lives and relationships that we don't see
would be great!
Or, I mean, run with a wacky AU, like the cheesy fantasy one where
Hero is a Hero (shining armor and all), Beatrice is the cranky
enchantress, Ursula is the angst were...bear, I guess, if we're going
with thematic names, and Margaret the cheerfully amoral thief every
quest fantasy must have.
(Also, I am....not the biggest fan of Claudio. I'd prefer that Hero be
indeed innocent of any betrayal of him, but uh, if you want to
conveniently write him out or or have him exit pursued by
a...bear?...I would not mind. At all.)

Letter URL http://betony.dreamwidth.org/4493.html

Request 4 by betony

Perilous Gard - Elizabeth Marie Pope

Kate Sutton
Alicia Sutton

Kate one of my most beloved heroines for how very atypical she
is—basically, she gets everything she ever wanted by being surly and
practical and plain-spoken, and her character arc over the novel is
one of my favorites ever, but I’ve had this bizarre fondness for
Alicia that I’ve never been able to explain, so anything about Kate
and Alicia's troubled but loving relationship would be great. Or, the
comedy fic where Alicia attempts to help Christopher plan to woo Kate
(because I can't help but imagine Alicia being horrified at all
Christopher's initial ideas of courtship.) In particular, I've always
wanted to see an AU where Alicia replaces or accompanies Kate on her
exile and also stumbles into the world of the fairies. The
possibilities are endless: Alicia finding another way to free
everyone? Alicia charming the Fairy Folk, or being frustrated when
they don't respond to her? Alicia/Lord Geoffrey? Alicia/one of the
Fairy Folk? Alicia/her own previously-unknown awesomeness? (That said,
Kate/Christopher is a childhood OTP, so if Alicia is replacing Kate,
I'd prefer Kate and Christopher not be split up.)

Request 5 by betony

The Squire's Tales - Gerald Morris


I love this series (and I've squeed about it in previous letters, so
definitely check those out if interested!). Lynet and her practicality
and steadfast unromantic nature is a delight, as is her banter with
Gary, so anything that bridges the gap between SD&D and Lioness and
her Knight would be amazing. Cameos from Lyonesse, or Morgan, or fluff
with Gaheris, would also be fantastic!
Lorie, on the other hand, is still a cipher to me. She has a few
cameos, and is clearly Ragnelle, but whereas Dame Ragnelle in the
ballad is enchanted, we never really find out what Lorie's deal was
with the loathly lady thing. Moreover, she's rude and brash in her
very first appearance but then settles down into Proper Lady mode; but
which is her real self? (And is she secretly much snarkier than she
appears?) I would love to read anything that delved into her and her
motivations (or at least what she was doing behind the scenes in
Avalon all those years.)
With regards to Eileen, I'd love to hear about another adventure that
she had with Gawain and Terence (we might never hear about her going
questing in the books, but I refuse to believe she just sat quietly at
Camelot all those years.) Otherwise, anything about how she managed to
keep a secret marriage under wraps for sixteen years would also be
something to explore.
Otherwise, anything that kept the general feel and delightfulness of
these books would be wonderful.

Request 1 by liliaeth

In the Flesh (TV)

Jemima Walker
Amy Dyer
Janet Macy
Sue Walker
Shirley Wilson


I love all the characters on this show, and all the potential storylines.
Whether it's the mothers dealing with their children dying or coming
back from the dead, whether it's any of them living through the zombie
apocalypse and then finding out that there's a cure.

Or just them dealing with life after the three aired eps.

Letter URL http://liliaeth.livejournal.com/464915.html

Request 2 by liliaeth

Warm Bodies - All Media Types

Julie Grigio
Nora Greene


I'm especially interested in what happens to the characters after the
movie (or the book) is over

Letter URL http://liliaeth.livejournal.com/464915.html

Request 3 by liliaeth


Emma (Supernatural)
Nancy Fitzgerald
Linda Tran
Naomi (Supernatural)
Claire Novak
Cassie Robinson
Missouri Moseley
Tessa (Supernatural)
Jody Mills
Tamara (Supernatural)


outside pov, different perspectives, characters actually surviving...

Letter URL http://liliaeth.livejournal.com/464915.html

Request 4 by liliaeth

Grimm (TV)

Juliette Silverton
Marie Kessler
Kelly Burkhardt


I love anything to do with the Grimm mythos, or the character's sense
of purpose in the story

Letter URL http://www.livejournal.com/editjournal.bml?journal=liliaeth&itemid=464915

Request 5 by liliaeth

Teen Wolf (TV)

Kira Yukimura
Erica Reyes (Teen Wolf)

Female char wise I'm easy, but I have to request two things, one my
fave char on the show is Scott McCall, without a doubt. So please no
bashing him. Two, I'm not a fan of Stiles, and Sterek is a NOTP, so
please no reference to it.

Letter URL http://liliaeth.livejournal.com/464915.html

equest 1 by LittleRaven
Romeo x Juliet

    Cordelia (Romeo x Juliet)
    Lady Ariel (Romeo x Juliet)
    Juliet Fiammatta Arst De Capulet
    Hermione (Romeo x Juliet)
    Emilia (Romeo x Juliet)


    I'm particularly keen on their relationships with each other and the city. How their journeys are affected by them on and off-screen. More detail will be in the letter.

Letter URL http://tigerlily.dreamwidth.org/32497.html

Request 2 by LittleRaven
Once Upon a Time (TV)

    Widow Lucas | Granny
    Cinderella | Ashley Boyd
    Mulan (Once Upon a Time)
    Milah (Once Upon a Time)
    Jack (Once Upon a Time)


    More detail to come in the letter, but:

    - I'm curious about Granny and her postwerewolf life, before and after Red/Ruby. In Storybrooke, how much of a figure is she, especially after the curse was broken?

    - What is Mulan's OUAT backstory, and why was she traveling and having adventures and not in the military or at home or in her land's court?

    - Milah's pov to fill-in canon. Also, that Milah-is-Captain-Hook AU I ran into on Tumblr. Make up your own reason for it or go with the same motivation of the canon Hook, with the bonus of her wanting to find her son as well. I personally would still ship this version of Hook with Emma by the way, but I'm not in an exclusive relationship with that idea! Especially because I get feeling the taboo when it could be seen as pseudo-incestuous.

    - Jack. What is her life as a rogue James Bond?

    - Cinderella | Ashley Boyd. What was it like trying to make it work in Storybrooke, where after Emma's interference she was getting her happy ending well before the curse was actually broken? It's interesting that it seems she got a happier ending there than in the Enchanted Forest. How was she in that time between the loss of Thomas and when the curse hit?

    There is canon het--and a little femslash--in some of these, but I would welcome more femslash! Or gen. Or gen that includes either or both of those.

Letter URL http://tigerlily.dreamwidth.org/32497.html

Request 3 by LittleRaven
Spellsong Cycle - L.E. Modesitt Jr.

    Anna (Spellsong Cycle)
    Lady Essan
    Secca (Spellsong Cycle)


    I'm curious about filling in what the books don't cover, but more detail will be in the letter. Much of it is on their relationships with each other, their ideas of each other and themselves.

Letter URL http://tigerlily.dreamwidth.org/32497.html


Request 4 by LittleRaven
Xena: Warrior Princess

    Lao Ma
    Cyane (III)


    I would love fill-ins for how Lao Ma and Cyane (this is the one Xena met before she reformed, according to Wikipedia) ruled, and how Amarice lived her identity as an Amazon. How Akemi accepted her mission of vengeance and dealt with the fallout. AUs are good, especially in the case of Amarice. I ship all of them with Xena, but gen/other pairings are great too! More detail to come in the letter.

Letter URL http://tigerlily.dreamwidth.org/32497.html

Request 1 by prozacpark
Pretty Little Liars/Twin Peaks Crossover

    Spencer Hastings (Crossover)
    Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks)
    Alison DiLaurentis (PLL)
    Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks)
    Emily Fields (Crossover)


    I love Audrey and Spencer and their vintage fashion sense, and their spying ways. I would love something with an awesome team-up between the two (femslash would be make me doubly happy).
    Alternatively, I love the shared themes of PLL and TP and their differences, both. I love that PLL is women-positive in a way that TP never could be with its focus on discovering the murder of a woman through the male gaze. I would love a glimpse of PLL set within the moody, creepy TP world and the girls banding together to fight a different kind of evil. Or what would TP be like if the girls there had the kind of bonds that the PLL girls have? More details in the letter.

Letter URL http://prozacpark.livejournal.com/130945.html

Request 2 by prozacpark
Dragon Age - All Media Types

    All the fandom hatred towards Isolde has made me a huge fan of hers, and what I really want out of this is a story that keeps the more questionable aspects of her character while still giving her a voice and a point of view. Or! A gothic AU where Isolde saves the castle from the demons.

    I love Warden!Bethany to a ridiculously degree and am fascinated by all the changes her character goes through under this arc. I love that she learns to question things she took for granted, and love the strength of character that she develops. I just want more Warden!Bethany, especially in the context of the new life she's developed colliding with her old one. The visits from Warden!Bethany are some of my favorite parts of my DAII playthroughs.

    Sophia Dryden as a human fascinates me and Sophia as a creepy possessed entity scares me, and I really, really find the intersection of these two intriguing. Tell me about Sophia before the war, after the war, or Sophia trying to cling to her humanity as the thing that came to wear her face slowly took over.

    More details on all of these in my letter.

Letter URL http://prozacpark.livejournal.com/130945.html

Request 3 by prozacpark
Pretty Little Liars

    Alison DiLaurentis


    I am endlessly fascinated by Alison and her tendency to perform various versions of herself. I am not at all there for an apologist view of Alison, though I would love one that's three-dimensional. I tend to think that Alison does care about the liars, but she just loves herself SO MUCH MORE that everyone else kind of gets sidelined as Alison creates the best version of her story for herself.

    I do buy the vulnerability that the current canon shows up with Alison, but I also think that that just makes her more dangerous (to the liars, and in general), because everything she learned for fun is now being used for survival, and every act and every lie is so much more vital now.

    I would love an Alison character piece. More details in my letter.

Letter URL http://prozacpark.livejournal.com/130945.html

We'll go live as soon as the first three people on that list have stories, or at midnight, whichever comes first.
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