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one story, and half an hour to go!

Archive will go live in a little over half an hour. While we wait for that, we still have one person without a story.  If you can do any of their prompts or write them treats, it would be greatly appreciated!  There are some popular tv fandoms here, so please, give them a look.

Request 1 by liliaeth

In the Flesh (TV)

Jemima Walker
Amy Dyer
Janet Macy
Sue Walker
Shirley Wilson


I love all the characters on this show, and all the potential storylines.
Whether it's the mothers dealing with their children dying or coming
back from the dead, whether it's any of them living through the zombie
apocalypse and then finding out that there's a cure.

Or just them dealing with life after the three aired eps.

Letter URL http://liliaeth.livejournal.com/464915.html

Request 2 by liliaeth

Warm Bodies - All Media Types

Julie Grigio
Nora Greene


I'm especially interested in what happens to the characters after the
movie (or the book) is over

Letter URL http://liliaeth.livejournal.com/464915.html

Request 3 by liliaeth


Emma (Supernatural)
Nancy Fitzgerald
Linda Tran
Naomi (Supernatural)
Claire Novak
Cassie Robinson
Missouri Moseley
Tessa (Supernatural)
Jody Mills
Tamara (Supernatural)


outside pov, different perspectives, characters actually surviving...

Letter URL http://liliaeth.livejournal.com/464915.html

Request 4 by liliaeth

Grimm (TV)

Juliette Silverton
Marie Kessler
Kelly Burkhardt


I love anything to do with the Grimm mythos, or the character's sense
of purpose in the story

Letter URL http://www.livejournal.com/editjournal.bml?journal=liliaeth&itemid=464915

Request 5 by liliaeth

Teen Wolf (TV)

Kira Yukimura
Erica Reyes (Teen Wolf)

Female char wise I'm easy, but I have to request two things, one my
fave char on the show is Scott McCall, without a doubt. So please no
bashing him. Two, I'm not a fan of Stiles, and Sterek is a NOTP, so
please no reference to it.

Letter URL http://liliaeth.livejournal.com/464915.html

We'll post here again once the archive goes live.  Almost there!
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