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i'm a modern girl

Updates are underway

Hello, past, present, and future participants in rw!

You may recall that last year brought some changes involving including several non-binary, genderqueer characters while remaining under the titular banner of rarewomen. We have been following your response to this, and discussing ourselves and have decided to make a few further adjustments. These will be detailed in a future post, but in short, these changes will include:

- a name change for the exchange that reflects diversity in gender
- clearer language regarding inclusive eligibility of characters
- language in mod communication that is clear, concise, and reflects the shifted focus of the exchange

To do this, we are asking for help. Both mods (aphrodite_mine and prozacpark) identify as cis females, and acknowledge that our privilege doesn't always make for the best resource in this area. Research cannot replace personal experience, and accurate sources can be difficult to track down. So we are seeking out a mini task force to look over our proposed changes and suggest any further adjustments, to call us out on any shit, and to make non-cis voices heard.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the information in a screened comment below.

Username at preferred chatting client
Have you previously participated in rw/rarewomen?
[If and only if you choose to disclose:]What is your gender identity?
Anything else you think we need to know up front?

Participation can/will involve:

- reading a google document or text in an email
- responding to email
- communicating via IM or Skype text for discussions
- (possibly) participating in a group Skype text or tinychat discussion (date, time TBD)

Your participation will never be linked to you/your online identity unless you choose to disclose this yourself. Comments are and will remain screened for anonymity. If you would prefer, you can also email me your information. aphrodite.mine@gmail.com, please use the subject RW HELP.

I will be emailing respondents sometime in the next two weeks with the first draft of changes.
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