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Announcement, 2015 dates, and 2015 FAQ

Since its inception, rarewomen has been about being a fanfiction exchange that seeks to correct the gender disparity of characters represented in fanworks. We have noticed a gap between number of stories written about cis-men and those written about other genders and sexes. During last year's exchange, we encountered several characters whom mods and participants did not feel comfortable placing a cut-and-dry gender statement upon, or including under the banner "rarewomen".

As a result, we began the process of changing rarewomen into something that would continue to address underrepresented and/or marginalized genders or sexes in fanworks, but would also be more inclusive than the name rarewomen suggests.

This year, we will be operating under the name rarelywritten, or RW for shorthand. We are also moving our home base to dreamwidth, with our RSS feed [edit 1/17, thank you mk_tortie!], the RSS feed as an LJ account, and tumblr. Rules and modus operandi should be the same (with a few small adjustments) aside from the inclusion of other underrepresented and/or marginalized genders or sexes. This list can include but is not limited to: cis women, transgender women, transsexual women, genderqueer individuals, intersex individuals, gender fluid, a-gender, two-spirit, bigender, pangender, third gender, transgender men, transsexual men. If your character has self-identified as a gender that you are not sure is eligible, please ask and we will be happy to amend the list or clarify for you. One quick question you can ask yourself in regards to eligibility is "would this character feel comfortable being included in an exchange for underrepresented and/or marginalizes genders or sexes?"

Important Dates and FAQ for 2015 are located here (please update your links and follow where you prefer!)
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