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i'm a modern girl

Three more days

Sign-ups are open for another three days here. If you have a moment, please take a look at the list of neediest fandoms ruuger typed up and consider offering some! Just reply to your initial sign up with any modifications.

.hack//Quantum: 1/1
Always Coming Home: 1/1
Baldur’s Gate: 1/1
Blue Crush: 1/1
Boneshaker: 1/1
Castle: 1/1
The Charioteer: 1/1
Crusade: 1/1
The Culture: 1/0
Damages: 1/1
Designing Women: 1/0
ER: 1/1
Forever Knight: 1/1
Fullmetal Alchemist: 1/1
Hellboy (comics): 1/0
Homestuck: 1/1
Invaders: 1/1
Kamen Rider Fourze: 1/1
The Last of the Wine: 1/1
Love and Rockets: 1/0
The Mentalist: 1/1
NCIS: LA: 1/1
Never Cry Werewolf: 1/1
Nobuta wa Produce: 1/1
Otoyomegatari | A Bride’s Story: 1/1
Our Idiot Brother: 1/1
Our Mutual Friend: 1/1
Press Gang: 1/1
The Pretender: 1/1
Romeo x Juliet: 1/0
Shade’s Children – Nix: 1/1
Sucker Punch: 1/1
Suikoden III: 1/1
Topsy-Turvy: 1/0
Twin Peaks: 1/1
Venus Versus Virus: 1/1
Veronica Mars: 1/1
War and Peace: 1/1
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego: 1/1
Young Blades: 1/1
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